The Ignominious War on Poverty 50th Anniversary

Who can forget that Texas fraud Lyndon Baines Johnson?  He was as corrupt a politician as could be found in DC, making Richard Nixon look positively virtuous.  He became the worst president in American history since Roosevelt.  Both of them made Utopian plans as only a politician can, smug and self-satisfied that with enough political will, money and power they could overcome material reality and human intransigence.  Listen to this sound clip below and ask yourself how is this promise, fifty years ago, any different than the utopian promises of today?

Of course , this is wasted on true believers.  If you point out the utter failure, the contemptible waste of resources, they will always tell you, the right people haven’t done it yet, it was a success really or it failed because of saboteurs from the opposition.  It’s an endless loop that each new generation plays.  Promise Utopia:Fail:Reframe:Blame:Repeat.  The only thing they accomplish is loss of liberty and freedom.


Affordable Care Act Implementation Woes

I have not written on this up until now and this article is rather old but realize that they are just now getting the front end, that is the easy part stable. I haven’t seen in my lifetime a IT debacle this big this expensive.  Here are some quotes from the NY Times I found unsuprising.

“Cut corners, make date,” said one specialist, who like most of the people interviewed for this article would not allow his name to be used because the Obama administration has requested that all government officials and contractors involved keep their work confidential.


As a result, the president’s signature initiative was effectively left under the day-to-day management of Henry Chao, a 19-year veteran of the Medicare agency with little clout and little formal background in computer science.

Medicare chose to use a NoSQL approach (a fad), which means the back end system may never function with any assurance of accuracy.  The whole NoSQL fad is costing IT a fortune because of fundamental ignorance in computer science.  These approaches were tried and mostly abandoned back in the ’70’s.


Life in a Soft Tyranny

This is how it looks:

The United States has 5 percent of the world’s people, 25 percent of its incarcerated people, and half of its trained lawyers (who now take about 10 percent of the GDP); the legal system is an embarrassment, and the criminal-justice system is a disgrace, in which prosecutors win 99.5 percent of their cases, 97 percent of them without a trial. The legislators of the country are ultimately responsible for this corruption of what the Constitution and Bill of Rights set up as a just and merciful Society of Laws. The terminal cancer of legal paralysis spreads every week of every year. Unctuous platitudes from the era when Norman Rockwell painted the country, our grandmothers set out the Corn Flakes and the apple pie, and Hollywood was pro-American won’t cut it now, even if the United States even back then was a much more complicated country than it thought it was.

You find stories like these regularly where the bureaucrats are too lazy to exercise any judgment whatsoever driving people into despair and death. The evil can be libertines or law and order absolutists.  What they never are is loving and judicious.

A week after he was arrested for running naked across the Sparkman High School football field during a September 27 game in a streaking gag, and just one day after school officials threatened criminal charges against him that could have resulted in an adult prosecution and conviction requiring lifelong registration as a sex offender, 15-year-old Christian Adamek from Huntsville, Alabama, hanged himself. He died from his injuries two days later.

Update:  Read this story, incredible.

A Drill Bit Boring Into Your Entire Life

Let the abuse begin. This is without a doubt going to be an epic failure.

As it turns out, as the Washington Post reported last week, ”the federal government is paying Equifax to collect annual income information on consumers so they have another resource to check people’s eligibility for subsidies.” So it appears they are also using the information from credit reports to verify the identity of site users. Are they collecting credit information on all Americans or only those who try to buy health insurance through the federal exchanges? And on which page — of the 20,000 pages of federal Obamacare regulations — do we find that directive?