Road to Oblivion: Marine Edition

It is not surprising that the Marine Corps are postponing the 3 pull-up minimum for female recruits.  This is in keeping with Wright's Unreality Principle. The three pullups is already the minimum required for all male Marines. Now the Marine Corps has postponed the plan, and that's raising questions about whether women have the physical … Continue reading Road to Oblivion: Marine Edition



The world is populated with people who are more concerned about what others are doing than what is going on in their own families.  They are known as a busybody, meddler, marplot, buttinsky, nosy parker, yenta, snoop etc., you get the point.  A certain class of these people will also imagine that they are smarter … Continue reading Masterminds!

Road to Oblivion: Special Operations Edition

So they will allow women a shot at both Ranger School and Navy Seal Training in the coming years.  The war against reality continues unabated.  There are physical, and psychological reasons women have been used in combat only as a last resort.  This will not stop the equalists.  The means must obliterate the end. The … Continue reading Road to Oblivion: Special Operations Edition