Altering the Mind Parasitically

I read about this a while back.  A large portion of the world population has a parasite contracted from domestic cats.  The article says it may be as  high as 45% in France.  "May", "possibly", "could" are great words for getting people who read quickly and indiscriminately to state it absolutely at social gatherings.  "Forty … Continue reading Altering the Mind Parasitically


Attention and Time

The most precious commodity on earth is your time and the length of that time is limited.  None of us know when but we all know we are going to die.  Within our numbered days we sleep for part of the time.  During our waking hours our attention is limited.  How we choose to direct … Continue reading Attention and Time

Evolutionary Psychology on Hard Times

The New York Times editorial casts doubts on evo-psych as applied to male female relationships.  The body shots go back to 1998 after it took a pummeling from the philospher Jerry Fodor.  The odd thing about it is just how tiresome evo-psych explanations get particularly by amateurs on the web.  They use it to explain … Continue reading Evolutionary Psychology on Hard Times