Reducing Inequality

There is an article at the Atlantic citing a study on how  self-selection among the affluent for marriage has increased inequality by 25%.  Since progressives despise rising inequality and applying the logic they have used in other areas, the following approaches could be used to stem this tide.

  1. Ban women from attending college.
  2. Only permit unmarried women to work.
  3. The Federal government will arrange your marriage and to keep it fair, it will disregard, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  4. You can marry whom you want but if you marry someone also affluent you will be taxed at a higher rate for the duration of the marriage.

Changing culture to rectify perceived wrongs will always spawn adverse consequences.  Culture in simplistic terms is like a fluid filled bag; push too hard inside on one wall the other side collapses. But unlike the fluid filled bag, it’s not a simple cause and effect.  The collapse may take generations to occur and it may happen in areas you didn’t expect.


Enemies of the Common Man

We now have in charge the worst corporate leadership in the history of the United States as Byron York reports:

Companies lay off thousands, then demand immigration reform for new labor

They are by any measure simply a reflection of the rapid decline in Western civilization.  What this article shows is that to ascend to the highest levels of a multi-national only requires political acumen superior to your equals at any given level.  It does not require an ability to reason ethically, or act morally from first principles.  Consider this one more data point supporting the observation that the bigger an institution gets the more corrupt it becomes.

Is this not like the child who kills his parents and then solicits sympathy for being an orphan?  I am glad they put their name on the letter.  I will avoid doing additional business with these companies and where possible switch. Realize that they are complaining about a need to increase “global competitiveness” at time when corporate profits and executive compensation are at historic highs.  Now I am not some naïf.  Businesses are not public charities; their primary mission is to return a profit to their shareholders according to the case won by the Dodge brothers.  I understand. However, it is not the only  view of the corporate mission.  I also know in a free market, behaviour like this would lead to economic consequences and eventual elimination by innovators.  In the US today with all the cooperation between the state and corporations the chance of that happening is quite low.

Do we need immigration reform in the US?  Indeed we do but not the bill before Congress which does nothing but screw the average American for the benefit of big corporations while rewarding people who knowingly entered the country illegally.

Income Inequality Global Look

There is a post at  Zero Hedge that shows the current levels of income inequality world wide.  It is not typically what one would expect to find in competitive markets.  It is what one would expect to find in a rigged game.  There is a downside to rigging a game and that is eventually people stop playing, reality sets in and the whole thing collapses.  Nearly every period of asset inflation spurred on by government manipulation ended badly.  This will too.  It’s inevitable.  Now, I find nothing inherently wrong with inequality.  It’s how you arrive that counts.  I am not upset that some can run faster than me or are smarter.  What annoys me is when people are permitted to avoid the consequences of their actions via state intervention whether that is using welfare money for drugs or the financial industry bail outs.  It bothers me when people use the state to block competition and politicians help rich friends establish near monopolies.  Life is not fair and it never will be.

Note that in the video he sites the UN as a reliable source.  It is not.  They have a long record of numeric manipulation to drive their policy initiatives.  The UN is  one massive fraud at worst and a colossal waste of money at best.  One need only look at the climate change committee reports for recent examples.

One final note, the richest are rarely the same people year after year.  You can almost measure the health of an economy by how many move up and how many move down.  When the richest are not dethroned across generations you have a sick system.

Bright Line Regulatory Despair

USA Today has an article on how outdated ossified regulation chokes off innovation.  This is what happens when laws have no end.  The technocrats find novel applications of regulations for a world they were never written for.  Once solution to the problem is that regulations have to be passed every five years or they are no longer law.  Another way would be to regulate based on principles.  As I have written before, regulations are frequently written as barriers to competition for established industries.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this women’s business was reported by someone impacted by her approach.

It Takes Advanced Civilization to Find the Ancient

The age reports the discovery of an ancient civilization in modern Cambodia.  They used advanced technology to find it and it lay buried under the jungle unknown to the locals.  Because of that, it hasn’t been looted.  The civilization lasted for 600 years.  Not quite as long as the Northern Levant (now modern day Lebanon and Syria) which saw 12,500 years of prosperity before its sudden demise.  Demise is always sudden.  Things break much faster than they are built.  Observationally, you can see that cultures, which are mostly free when it comes to commerce, that are small in size last longer than empires.  The bigger the country, the higher taxation and resource usage, the more likely it will collapse from some external, sudden shock.  Big states are fragile.  The United States could be completely gone in 25 years.  It wouldn’t take much of a push, another bank panic perhaps or collapse of the dollar.

If you read the article at The Age, they indicate that the inhabitants practiced slavery.  That seems anathema to those raised in the West but that is just a state mind a cultural view which is a hold over from Christianity.  Eventually as the drift from Christian culture continues people will start to ask themselves what was so bad about slavery?  A little bit could be good for the underclass.  Ancient evils never die, only the people who practice them.