Reducing Inequality

There is an article at the Atlantic citing a study on how  self-selection among the affluent for marriage has increased inequality by 25%.  Since progressives despise rising inequality and applying the logic they have used in other areas, the following approaches could be used to stem this tide. Ban women from attending college. Only permit … Continue reading Reducing Inequality


Bright Line Regulatory Despair

USA Today has an article on how outdated ossified regulation chokes off innovation.  This is what happens when laws have no end.  The technocrats find novel applications of regulations for a world they were never written for.  Once solution to the problem is that regulations have to be passed every five years or they are … Continue reading Bright Line Regulatory Despair

It Takes Advanced Civilization to Find the Ancient

The age reports the discovery of an ancient civilization in modern Cambodia.  They used advanced technology to find it and it lay buried under the jungle unknown to the locals.  Because of that, it hasn't been looted.  The civilization lasted for 600 years.  Not quite as long as the Northern Levant (now modern day Lebanon … Continue reading It Takes Advanced Civilization to Find the Ancient