The Rule of Law is Dead

There are now so many arbitrary decisions by the Supreme Court with no basis in the Constitution, arbitrary and ambiguous laws passed by Congress, laws are arbitrarily enforced by the Executive branch, and thousands of lines of politically motivated regulation, who among us can abide by, respect or follow the law anymore? There is so … Continue reading The Rule of Law is Dead



Stuck at O'Hare in the People's Republic of Illinois; it's flight cancelling season or is it the start of construction season perhaps both.  Saw this (H/T instapundit) and had to laugh.  Worst political class ever....   Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, ground a closely-watched hearing on cybersecurity to a halt Wednesday … Continue reading Leadership

The Publically Disgraced No Longer Retire to Private Life

In Joseph Conrad's novel Lord Jim , a young man redeems himself for his cowardice and disgrace through service on a remote settlement.  Today, the publicly disgraced stay in the public arena running for Congress where they can get superior healthcare, multimillion dollar retirement (after serving a single term) and millions more when they leave … Continue reading The Publically Disgraced No Longer Retire to Private Life