Everything Forward is Uncategorized

Since I have nearly stopped blogging I have decided going forward there will be no key words or categories.   In keeping with the facade of this blog it will be as is..  One should write whether he is read or not.  You write because it bubbles up from the depth, not in pursuit of income or glory.


Brief Contemplation on the Nature of Evil

My years while limited have seen it’s share of evil both face to face and from a far.  When people think of evil they tend to think of dramatic behaviour, mass murders, ruthless killers and the like.  But evil while it can be dramatic also occurs in ordinary ways.  There is mundane evil, whose destructiveness is less visible and perhaps even more insidious. This is what I have observed.

1.  Lazy, preferring the appearance of good to any actual effort to do so.
2.  Refuses to delay gratification, related to one above.
3.  Lies and deceives not from duress or threat of punishment but as a first act. The lie is part of the fabric of their being.

Finally, I will note if we are intellectually honest there is a little bit of the foregoing is us all.