Smokey, the Commando

The militarization of the local police and every nitwit bureaucracy is going to lead to more and more "accidents."  When you stop being a civil servant and perceive yourself as civil enforcer, violence will surely follow.  Angelo Codevilla in a recent article notes the following: Modern militarized government stems from the Progressive idea that society … Continue reading Smokey, the Commando


A Fading Horse

Alphaville in their 80's song Forever Young, wrote, "It's so hard to get old without a cause. I don't want to perish like a fading horse."  And so for some any cause whatsoever is suitable. Let's examine just one case, the organization Femen. They refer to themselves as "sextremists," whatever that means. The organization is … Continue reading A Fading Horse

A Drill Bit Boring Into Your Entire Life

Let the abuse begin. This is without a doubt going to be an epic failure. As it turns out, as the Washington Post reported last week, ”the federal government is paying Equifax to collect annual income information on consumers so they have another resource to check people’s eligibility for subsidies.” So it appears they are also … Continue reading A Drill Bit Boring Into Your Entire Life