I Up the escarpment where the wind has stripped the trees of their leaves I saw Truth hiding in her threadbare clothes, starved and hollowed A pale, grey feeble smile flashed and disappeared She will not die She will not die despite the universal claim For Truth is central to life even if few will … Continue reading


The imbecile is at work in world busy about its activities Giving opinions, acting without thought, Obdurate in pursuit of gimcrack distractions and automatic as machine. The imbecile stews in soups of inactivity Natural as wind, bubbling to the surface tireless banalities The imbecile passes through unnoticed Like the quotidian affairs of your neighbor. The … Continue reading

No more inspirational stories I can’t take it The indomitable spirit The missing limbs Cancer's consumed child Smiling, bald and brave There under studio lights are The clicking teeth of the poignancy thieves Selling misery's might in HD pain until Nothing is felt Where are the stories of broken spirits? Destroyed by tragedy The ones … Continue reading

From emotion music From music emotion From emotion poetry poetry of emotion emotion of music Music and words They are lovers Wandering hand in hand Living and dying in the emotive mesh of our lives

You hide your crazy in deep places Until circumstances come and dig it out like badgers looking for prairie dogs And as you have aged Your strolls down memory lane Became athletic events Dodging the bad memories Look You still want affection Everyone knows that They’re just too busy Seeking their own. The nurse will … Continue reading

Change by design, design by chance Chance testifying against the lies of vanity Here below The clear causal cascade like steel ball bearings striking chords from predictable songs Here above The cosmic all The massive turning, boiling thoughts and actions are drifting toward a hidden day, Blind by diurnal desires Deaf in the colourless clanging … Continue reading

cloud of the unknowing false harmony unwinding the separation of body, soul, consciousness 3 degrees distance Tumult Feelings fade There's God There's man the one does not join to the other the One is incommensurable and the other flawed a sick soul drawn to ugliness and self loathing but selfhood cannot be lost, denied, unwound … Continue reading