Tin Foil Hat – Part I “Nothing to Hide”

I'm picking up where I left off here. In the introduction I discussed online privacy and technology.  What I didn't mention in that initial post was an insight from Bruce Schneier.  Large corporate institutions and the government (at least in the US) cooperate in order to evade the law.  Public institutions are restricted from collecting some … Continue reading Tin Foil Hat – Part I “Nothing to Hide”


A Bitter Cup for “Male Feminists”

Drink hardy lads. Salon breaks the silence where the author writes about the reality of her basic nature versus her feminist instruction.  Anytime someone puts "I love I hate" in the title of their article there is real passion being felt (barring hyperbole). "Male feminists" should read the article and take notes.  A woman will … Continue reading A Bitter Cup for “Male Feminists”

Renunciation & Separation

As long as things continue in the US as they are, especially in light of the IRS, NSA scandals, the intrusive, massive surveillance programs, and increasing taxes more people will renounce their citizenship as noted here. People want to be free and remain free. Frankly, I don't want the government to protect me against low … Continue reading Renunciation & Separation