Review of Daniel Dennet’s Book

A nice evisceration of Daniel Dennet's From Bacteria to Bach and Back.  Beloved by atheists everywhere, he has always been intellectually dishonest about the criticisms of his work or other work that challenges his.  The first step of the dishonest debater is to intentionally misunderstand your position. The Illusionist

The Rule of Law is Dead

There are now so many arbitrary decisions by the Supreme Court with no basis in the Constitution, arbitrary and ambiguous laws passed by Congress, laws are arbitrarily enforced by the Executive branch, and thousands of lines of politically motivated regulation, who among us can abide by, respect or follow the law anymore? There is so … Continue reading The Rule of Law is Dead

Whither China

So the Chinese are busy buying industrial robots.  None of which will eliminate their dangerous levels of debt, there demographic decline or the their economic asset bubbles.  There really isn't a partially controllable economy.  We fool ourselves when we think we can control economies or "design" our future.

Logical Substitutions Relationship Edition

Which quote below is a myth busting reasoned defense and which one is a hideous attempt to normalize the profane and immoral. "But above all, polyamory is less about sex specifically but rather pursuing relationships with multiple partners. While there's no one way to be polyamorous, as the Atlantic points out, these relationships are often … Continue reading Logical Substitutions Relationship Edition