What’s Left of Financial Privacy?

A friend wanted to withdraw 10k from his bank account to keep the cash on hand because he is concerned about the financial stability of banks especially after what happened in Cyprus.  What he found out surprised him but it was something I already knew. The bank didn't have 10k in the vault to give … Continue reading What’s Left of Financial Privacy?


King George Never Asked for This

So the story has broken that the NSA & FBI have a massive spying program on US citizens.  Email, pictures, web searches, SKYPE conversations etc. The reason given is to fight terrorism and no doubt well meaning people within the government will do just that, however, human nature being what it is I can be … Continue reading King George Never Asked for This

The Publically Disgraced No Longer Retire to Private Life

In Joseph Conrad's novel Lord Jim , a young man redeems himself for his cowardice and disgrace through service on a remote settlement.  Today, the publicly disgraced stay in the public arena running for Congress where they can get superior healthcare, multimillion dollar retirement (after serving a single term) and millions more when they leave … Continue reading The Publically Disgraced No Longer Retire to Private Life

Rules, Principles & Virtue

Consider that whenever we have a massive failure in a business industry like the .com era, real estate or banking we usually wind up with more regulation and more rules.  Rules are expensive to comply with.  Most compliance efforts are "letter of the law" not the spirit.  Before, during and after the rule process there … Continue reading Rules, Principles & Virtue